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Metals can be permanently marked with Space Age technology, resulting in a high contrast, high resolution mark!

Creativity with technology means there's no limit to how far your imagination can take you.

You are only limited by your imagination!

CO2 150 watt 36 X 48+ bed
CNC Foam Cutter
Plugs & Mold-Making
CNC Router 4' x 8' with a 12" Gantry
Vinyl Cutter & Wide Format Printing up to 36"
Fiberglass Molds & Parts using our Chopper System
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Your QR code is the key to wherever you want to be found or say in the digital world.
There are things we need to say; to cut through the daily clutter and link with or simply to inform or entertain one another.

QR codes are everywhere.
Brands and marketers have discovered this new way to connect with consumers, some more successfully than others.

But this power to connect isn't just for big companies.
It can be your's to share information and in how people connect to you.

Now you can hyperlink anything in the real world to a digital destination.
A business card can link to your Facebook profile.
You can give someone your phone number by them scanning your name tag.

A label, sign or plaque can give exclusive access to new information, education, advertisers, food, music or videos.

A QR code (abbreviation for Quick Response code) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded may be text, URL, or other data.

A QR code can carry either of the following:

  • Text ( up to Max. 4,296 characters)
  • URL (link to any website page on the internet)
  • Phone number (downloads a phone number directly into your phone and lets you call that number by just pushing the call button)
  • SMS (downloads a SMS text into you mobile phone and let's you SMS it to any number with the push of one button)

Possible applications:

Marking equipment with access to unlimited information about the item on a specific page on your or any website available on the internet.

In this case the QR code carries a link to a page on the customers website where by scanning the code you will access this page with all the information about this product.

 It is as simple as downloading a free QR code scanner app for the iPhone, starting it and pointing the camera towards the QR code. The scanner immediately recognizes the code and in this case it will automatically take you to the linked web page, which is in this case a scheme and full description of the item.


When QR code is linked to a URL the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

A company can setup a dedicated website purely to carry QR code information or it can be embedded into their existing website.

This website is fully controlled by the company and codes/pages can be added, deleted or edited at any time.

The biggest advantage is the flexibility of the QR code linked to a CMS page (content managed system) where the data for the same code can be changed at any time.

This can be crucially important if the QR code is attached to a piece of equipment for which the information has to be constantly updated.

The QR code can also have the ability to carry information personalized for every person scanning the  code.

This can be achieved by linking the code to a username and password protected URL where depending on the username used the code will take the person scanning to information directed personally to them.

JR Laser Solutions can provide QR coding services:

1. Consulting and advisory service
2. Dedicated CMS website creation or intergration into an existing site
3. Laser engraving QR code labels on almost any media including Durablack, Alumimark and Metal Marking
4. Update of your QR system including website update, code and label creation.

Contact JR Laser Solutions or call us at 1-727-942-0997 for more information or to arrange a appointment to view a full presentation of the system and consulting the application possibilities for your company or yourself.

Please read these before you make a code or order anything.

Link to a mobile-friendly destination. Do not link to a Flash page.
Check your destination url on your phone before proceeding. If you send people to a site that doesn't work they will stop liking you.

Don’t link to destinations that aren’t meaningful to the recipient.
If you waste people's time they will think you're not too bright and will stop liking you.

Don’t place your QR Code where there is no internet access.
That’s just common sense.

Consider appropriate and user-friendly placement for your code.
We discourage placing QR codes on bumper stickers. Or in dark alleys.

Use a URL shortener before you make your code.
Long URLs make the grid much smaller and harder to read. It’s best to use a URL shortener to make the code simpler. You want to make it easy to scan your code.

Test, test, test.
Check using different phone models, lighting and code reader apps.

Don’t make your QR Code too small.
Generally, 1” or better on printed material is fine. You can go smaller but you need to make sure you use a shortened url. Test at final size before ordering any product.

Give the code a small border of white space.
A good rule of thumb is to make sure white border is 4 times the size of one of the code’s squares. On a 1" code you're good with about 1/8" white space.

Don’t stretch, distort, or cover the corners. 
If you are going to create your own custom code, do your research first. And test, test, test. QR codes cannot be read on highly reflective or highly curved surfaces.

Use dark codes on light surfaces for best results.
It’s safest to not reverse print. And, you need significant (55%) contrast between the squares and the background.

Test, test, test. Check using different phone models, lighting and code reader apps.

Use PNG, PDF or EPS format when creating/saving your QR code.
These are scalable graphic formats so can be resized with little to no loss in quality.
Avoid jpegs like the plague.

There are a ton of sites with more information, these are just general guidelines.
Most important, TEST your code, at actual size.

Full or Shortened URL
qr codesshortened qr code

Make your free QR code now!
It takes about 5 (FIVE) whole seconds.

Remember to use a URL shortener for websites first!
Here's one:

We suggest that you test your QR code at final size, and get a production sample for large orders. We are not responsible for product you order from self made drawings in which the QR code is not functional. We are not responsible if you enter incorrect information in the form when you create your QR code.
Test, test, test, before you order anything, as you alone are responsible for your order.

An example of pricing for exterior labels made from DuraBlack, this is a cut plate with rounded corners. Each plate has 3M adhesive applied and is sold as a single item.

DuraBlack is a black metal sheet stock that engraves a bright silver white color with a laser. DuraBlack is not an ordinary anodized aluminum; in fact it is many times more durable and has survived the harshest temperature, UV and corrosion testing.

DuraBlack produces high resolution results and is ideal for text, photos, identification codes and many other demanding applications. This material surpasses UID standards for durability and readability in the harshest of environments.

The thin .020 inch thick sheet is rigid and is best for flat mounting areas. Durable 3M 350 High Performance adhesive has already been applied to the DuraBlack plate.
This product is suitable for interior or exterior applications. Rated for 8 to 10 years, grafftti, chemical & uv-proof,it has been hard tested by Horizon.
1-3/8" x 2-3/4" x .020
qr codes

Discount requires: All tags must be ordered at the same time. All tags must ship to the same address. . Add $1 per unique QR Code. All tags must be the same size. .

Normal shipping is 2 business days from payment. Quantities over 200 may require an extra day or two in production.

Many other materials available and will be quoted when we receive your requirments and intended usage.

Getting a quote is easy
Just provide your requirements
State the material required & be sure to scale your drawing
Also if you are using Metric or Imperial Measurments.
Have a pdf , eps or Corel drawing - email us for more information

Not sure? Just send a request question and we will get back to you!

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