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Providing precision laser cutting & engraving for all your
Business, Industrial, Architectural, Hobby, R/C,or Personal needs & more
All types of materials -
We do not cut Metals or PVC on our laser machine
Usually cut these on the CNC Router
Creativity with technology means
there's no limit to how far your imagination can take you.

You are only limited by your imagination!

CO2 150 watt 36 X 48+ bed
CNC Foam Cutter
Plugs & Mold-Making
CNC Router 4' x 8' with a 12" Gantry
Vinyl Cutter & Wide Format Printing up to 36"
Fiberglass Molds & Parts using our Chopper System
3D Printer
Sand Carving available NOW!
USA Owned & Family Operated - Palm Harbor, Florida
USA family owned
'We Built This'
We are not a retail storefront - we are an industrial shop, PLEASE call for an appointment

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laser sutting laser engraving
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If you are requesting a quote, we work hard to get you the very best estimate however
it takes time to prepare depending on material cost, your drawing or artwork useability
We run a simulation for machine time so we do not overcharge our customers
Your patience is appreciated

Our prices are very simple and fairly affordable!

Most times=Machine Time and Labor @ 15 min == $25.00

For smaller order and sample you do need to take in to consideration
file setup and material placement time.
We can do your orders by billing minutes or we can provide flat rate for your job
so you don't need to worry about production time.

Material cost is not included in machine rate,
you can bring your own material or we can use what we have in stock.
We are not a material supplier so either option you chose will affect your total cost.

Our website is but a small sampling of our workmanship.
Use the page down feature to see many examples
or click on the material list below, to go directly to a specific example

We are very sorry, but our personalized items are non-refundable or exchangeable.

Our website is but a small sampling of our workmanship.
Use the page down feature to see many examples
or click on the material list below, to go directly to a specific example

For quick referance of services & material click HERE
We are NOT a Retail Storefront!
You are welcome to visit our Industrial Shop however
call ahead for an appointment so we do not miss you!
call ahead
We are not open to walk-ins as we are not a Retail Store

Give us a call first!

We have many happy customers
who have happily provided referrals and testamonials.
Although we are not a retail storefront, as an industrial shop
we can provide a wide range of services
from the most delicate & detailed laser cutting & engraving
to heavy duty industrial proto-types,parts & product production.

Working very closely with our customers,
listening to want they want,
is what we do best

Providing us with a sample of your item or material, we in turn will provide you with a sample
of the outcome so you will know how your project will turn out.

We will work with your drop-shipped material or provide the project material

custom laser cutting Please check your plans or drawing for accuracy custom laser cutting
If the plans or your drawing are flawed then the laser cut parts will be flawed
We have seen this happen in the past; so double check before sending

precision laser cutting requirements

Remember that the process will not correct an inaccurate plan or drawing
our parts or cuts will fit the shape on the plan or drawing,
but if the designer has made a mistake, then it will not correct it.

If your drawing isn't correctly scaled or polylined, the results will be dissappointing!

There is a differance between using the Laser or the CNC Router
laser versus router
Examples of the wood edge
Laser cut edges will be brown-CNC Routered will be wood colored
laser cut edge cnc router

The nature of the bit, when using the CNC Router, results in a rounding or softening of sharp edge details.
cnc router edge

The edge will be wood colored with no discoloration.
router cut wood
When requesting laser engraving on heavily grained woods
see how it looks before the recommended color fill to even out the brown tone
laser engraved wood
If you need artwork or drawing done, please contact us for our rates,
which are pre-billed through Paypal
before the conversion commences.

If you need your plans scanned,
Have a pdf , eps or Corel drawing - email us for more information

Remember that the laser will cut or engrave as it see or reads the graphic or line
all stray dots, lines or noise must be removed
Vector files cut the best, without the jagged edge of pixels
laser cutting laser engraving

laser cuttingDownload PDF Engraving Artwork Requirements (76 kb)

Keep in mind that engraving a line takes much longer than etching a line

laser engraving laser cutting laser etching
engrave etch

Not sure? Just send a request question and we will get back to you!

rc custom laser cuttingprecision laser cutting rc custom laser cutting

laser engraved artwork

When requesting TEXT
Please select a font style of your preferance
and give me its name
or I can provide you with samples.

laser engraved brick

rose window

rose window
We are pleased to have been able to help
University of Tampa art professor Kendra Frorup
This amazing artist designed her pattern for a canvas cut first
Then required 3 - 10 foot x 45 inch drapes,
laser cutting these floor to ceiling lacy drapes
using water color natural 100% cotton fiber content paper & gelatin-sized.

This was a very challenging project as
each drape took 8 hours of machine time
Keeping the rolled sheets flat,
making sure that the gelatin sizing did not scorch or catch on fire
as well as cleaning up all the hanging bits after the cut!

Our commitment to her was met in less than 4 days time,
rushing this project through our already
heavy production schedule.

Kendra Frorup
laser cut paper
University of Tampa

Please visit her exhibit
Kendra Frorup: Excess Baggage
Morean Art Center
click here for details
Hough Gallery
University of Tampa art professor Kendra Frorup
draws from her Bahamian heritage to create
her sculpture, prints, and mixed media installations.
On display until June 24th.

laser cut paper

rose window
JSOFSEA Class Award
Our newest blending of CNC Router & Laser Engrave services.
Rob called late in the day while attending Military training
in Tampa & was working on the class award.
Being in a time crunch, he needed ASAP!
He would need time to paint & assemble for presentation.
We said, no problem, come on over.
Burned the midnight oil and got back to him the next evening!

This was a "Class-20 Legacy Gift" to the
Joint Special Operations Forces Senior Enlisted Academy.
It was a custom cypress shadow box
spanning 51" x 28" that included
CNC Routering for shaping the thicker frame
& the custom laser engraving with cutouts used as inlays
made for each service's Special Operations
organizational shields & E-9 rank insignia.

Rob & the Class, as well as the Presenters, were very pleased
We appreciate your service & sacrifice to keep our great country FREE & SAFE!
support our troops
special forces award

special forces awardspecial forces award
special forces

engraved bottles

Wedding Invy Laser Cut Gold Mirror Acrylic Logo
An elegant laser cut acrylic logo
for an elegant client
Please visit
wedding invy

laser cut mirror acrylic
Wedding invitations

We were also pleased to help Wedding Invy with her gorgeous designed
laser cut glitter paper wedding invitation flap.
wedding invitations

engraved bottles
laser engraved giftsOur newest service-Sand Blasting
We will be producing highly detailed, personalized gifts
for weddings, birthdays and corporate gifts.
These customized one-of-a-kind items will surely become collectibles!

laser cut acrylic
Sand Carving allows for larger detailed graphics
Glass is a beautiful frosty smooth carving
not fractured!

Any type of glassware, YETI's, anodized aluminum, coffee mugs and so much more!
sand blasting

Front Engraving $25.00, Text, your choice of suitable font.
Bottle shape, design, label, or embossed glass will determine
where & how much can be engraved.

bottle engraving
engrave wine bottle

For example a Gentleman Jack bottle:
Currently, you are able to customize three (3) lines on the front of the bottle
(25 characters per line including spaces, all CAPS).
Engraved bottles will be available to pickup ten (10) business days (it could be sooner)
from the time proof is approved & bottle is received .
Rush orders are possible for an additional $20.00.
engraved bottle
Add Back Engraving in addition to engraving on the front add $15.00

If you need your bottle by a certain date please let us know.

Business LOGO or clipart can be added but are Quoted on an individual basis.
Vector art, 300 dpi , black & white preferred.

If you are over 21 years of age, I can purchase the bottle for you
You need to specify the brand and size required
Some areas, FedEx shipping with Adult Signature requirement

Payment is through Paypal invoice before production

Customers also purchase these whiskey glasses to compliment the personalized bottle
engraved whiskey glassengraved whiskey glass

sand blasting

YETI & Stainless Steel tumblers
Sand Blasting all sizes of YETI & Stainless Steel tumblers

sand blasting the stainless steel produces tones of soft frosty grey to almost white
sandblasted yeti
sandblasted tumbler
sandblasted stainless steel tumbler

To personalize YOUR YETI or Stainless Steel tumbler send a black & white vector graphic or eps file
names, monograms or logos, I will let you know if I can use what you send


your stainless steel tumbler: $15.00 plus shipping

email me for my available inventory .


sand blasting

Watch for our Super Bowl Special
featuring a unique football shaped design
personalize both sides!
Order yours NOW!
submit your text & font choice

sand blasted football glasssand blasted football glass
sand carved football glass

engraved mason jarsengraved mason jugs

Brown Glass Growlers
growlerpersonalized growlers

Shot Glasses
shot glasses

Wedding Glasses
engraved wine glasses

Hot Chocolate & Coffee Mugs
laser engraved mugengraved coffee mug
Spice Jars
engraved spice jars

Wine Bottles, Decanters & Jack Bottles, the possibilities are endless!
engraved decanter

Crystal Awards
crystal awardscrystal awards

More Photos will be posted soon!

Please contact me again if you have anymore questions
laser cutting

laser engraving

We are proud to have been commissioned to engrave
2 - 18 x 18 Black Granite Shield Plaques
Dedicated to Florida missing cadet Kelly Lundy Rothwell
laser engraving laser cutting Kelly Lundy Rothwell laser engraving laser cutting
She was honored at the graduation ceremony April 13, 2011
Hopefully she will be found soon!
Help Find Kelly Rothwell website
Four Long Years and Still NO Trace of Kelly Rothwell

laser cutting

For quick referance click on services or material listed below
email or call if your needs is not listed

laser engravaving laser cutting
Special Projects
laser engraved giftscnc/laser cutting & engraving laser engraved giftsServices & Items Available
many types of material & more
Samples available upon request

laser engraved brick

Other services are also available
Embroidery, Specialty Sewing
Screen Printing coming soon!

rc pilots

Our newest CNC Routered project
100 year old Antique Church Rose Windows
63" in diameter
United Methodist Church
Hyde Park, Florida

Needed to Reverse Engineer this rotting exterior wood Rose window
rose window

Customer did not want wood so we selected the very best HDU manufactured by DUNA USA
The rings were cut and placed in the Church building so it holds the existing interior Rose & glass
the new CNC Routered Rose windows will be placed in the exterior portion of the rings
rose window
We were able to capture the scooped affect & cuts exactly after testing bits first!
rose window
rose window
rose windowrose window

Newly Installed Exterior Rose Window
Hyde Park United Methodist Church Florida

laser engraved brick
laser engraved giftsAnother new project
Oak Table leaf with dropside

Customer wanted this piece of furniture reproduced
We took photos, reverse-engineered the artwork
wood was cut on our CNC Router!

Our newest customer was very pleased!

wood reproductionfurniture reproduction
wood furniture reproduction wood furniture reproduction

laser engraved brick
rose window

laser engraving

Special Projects large or small
Let us know what you need

laser engraving
University of Florida
Special Aluminum portfolios using Gainesville native reclaimed wood plaque
made for donors
University of Florida
A very special Project Managers Aluminum Project Box metal marked
metal marked anodized aluminum
This project was requested by gouldevans
"So beautiful. It is perfect. Thank you SO much!!!"
permission granted by UF for the use of the GATOR logo

laser engraving
Amanda had a sick tree cut down
She was surprised at the heart shape when it was cut
Her brother once lived in the same house
and was getting married
Amanada wanted a rustic carved heart & the couples initials
on the heart shaped piece
She was very happy with her wedding gift for her brother!
engraved wood

laser engraving
Personalized Cutting & Charcuterie Boards
Wood, Bambo, Slate, etc.

You can drop ship your purchases from Amazon or the net directly to our shop.

cutting board
engraved cutting board

Friends of the River, San Bernard, Tx
Personalized Award Plaques for the 2015 Boat Parade
bamboo cutting board

bamboo cutting boardbamboo cutting boards
bamboo cutting boardbamboo cutting boards
laser engraving
An example of our mold making
Cigar City Brewing
needed a mold fo the
2015 Hunahpus Day Awards

Made the mold of the original

casting of the award medallion
special molds

Painted each category
cigar_city_hunahpus day

Example of the Finished Award!
cigar_city_hunahpus day award
laser engraving

An example of our Aluminum signs with Vinyl Graphics & lettering
36" x 48"
.040" thick
1/2" Radius Corners + Hole in Each Corner
MJM Electric Job site trailer signs

Tampa International Airport
aluminum lettered sign

laser engraving

laser engraved brick

laser for sale
We will help you start your own laser cutting laser engraving business today!

Will provide training and support as well as starter files so you can hit the ground running.

Take advantage of the Section 179 deduction before its too late!

Why wait months for a machine, these machines are in stock right now.

Machines for Sale
laser for sale
laser for sale

laser cutting

laser engraved giftsOur newest project
Southern Mansion Dollhouse

Customers little girl requested purple shutters
This is a huge 3 tier dollhouse, custom cut on our laser
Furniture available too!

laser cut dollhouselaser cut dollhouse furniture


laser cutting

laser engraved giftsMold Making & Plugs:
Example of our fiberglass mold making from our customers plug
We can also reproduce the vinyl graphics & painting
mold making
laser engraved giftsFOAM:
FOAM Cutting
Everything from Foam letters, shapes or parts
Plugs for Model Building
This example of a fuselage cut from dense foam
So smooth, excellant details and ready for molding
foam cutting

rc pilots

CNC Router Cutting beach advertisingsand impressions
laser engraved gifts
Eco-Brand Beach Events & Resorts
Your message or logo in the sand
at your beach front or beach event


brand the sand

Help Protect Endangered & Threatened Sea Turtles,
Assist Sea Turtle Watch Program Advocates with Awareness & Public Education,
Creatively & Effectively Reduce Beach Trash with Earth-Friendly Sand Impressions.
See more at:
Earth-Friendly Sand Impressions
Watch video - after short ad

rc pilots
laser cutting

laser engraved giftsGarden or Tree Dedications Plaques:
Outdoor Aluminum 4 x 6 Plaque - Special Pricing $65.00 each
Honor your loved ones with a free standing memorial plaque or plate
With memorial plaques, you can remember and honor your loved ones.
Dedication Plaques are a wonderful way of expressing gratitude!
Cast Aluminum Plaque 4" x 6" with Raised Double Border and recess area for a 3 x 5" Plate(included).
Stake Mount plaque has a cast rear mount for attaching 24" aluminum stakes.
Great for Nature Trails, Botanical Gardens, Tree Dedications, Dedication Garden plaque and/or Donation Plaque.
Stake included
Plaque is made from the best UV exterior Rowmark LaserMAX material
the larger the number of letters the smaller the text will be
suggested number of letters:
If too many letters, we will use a single stroke font
We always email proofs before engraving
garden dedication plaquestree dedication
laser engraved garden dedicationlaser engraved tree dedicationengraved tree dedication stake
Quantity full run prices available as well as other sizes
laser engraving

laser cutting

laser engraved giftsACRYLIC:
Acrylic Cutting or Engraving
We can cut or engrave Cast acrylic
Cast will give you a nice frosty result with a clear edge

acrylic cake toppers

The heat of our 150 Watt CO2 Laser will give your project
a nice flame polished edge when cut!

Extruded will be crystal clear when engraved or etched and has a tendency to melt

Plastics that can be laser cut are:
  • ABS
  • Acrylic (Plexiglass, Acrylite, etc)
  • Delrin
  • HDPE (Melts Badly)
  • Nylon (Melts Badly)
  • PETG
  • Polyethylene (Melts Badly)
  • Polypropylene (Melts Somewhat)
  • Styrene (HIPS)

Plastics that are not recommended to be laser cut are:
  • Polycarbonate (Lexan, PalsunPlus)
  • PVC (Contains Chlorine)
  • Carbon Fibre Products

Engraved Acrylic
When choosing a type of acrylic for your engraving project, remember, cast acrylic products work best for engraving gifts, awards and plaques and extruded acrylic works best for cutting letters and signs. Acrylic awards, plaques and gifts can be engraved on the top viewing surface or on the back surface so the engraving can view through the acrylic. The latter is the most popular method for engraving acrylic especially when using led lighting. Since extruded acrylic has a different base material, it engraves clear, instead of frosty white, when laser engraved. Extruded acrylic will cut clean and smoothly and will have a flame polished glass-like edge quality. The edge of cast acrylic will also appear flame polished and will refract lighting beautifully.

acrylic shield

Cleaning and Polishing Acrylic
The brilliance and quality of acrylic can really shine through when the piece has been cleaned after engraving. Sometimes the acrylic is damaged in the cleaning process so knowing the proper cleaning techniques is very important:

  • Never use paper towels to clean acrylic, the fibers in the paper towel act like fine sandpaper to make the surface cloudy.
  • Do not use window cleaner or any other alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners, fast drying cleaners can craze the top surface with fine cracks and even shatter thin acrylic.
  • When dusting or cleaning acrylic use a lint free soft cloth, preferably one that is designed for cleaning acrylic. Anti static cloths are available that zap the static generated in the cleaning process and reduce the build up of dust after cleaning.
  • By using an acrylic cleaner a bright and shiny finish will appear on the acrylic. These spray-on cleaners remove any smoke residue from engraving or cutting and leave a glossy surface that looks deep and lustrous.
  • Special fine polishers are available to remove hairline scratches and abrasions that sometimes occur in handling the acrylic pieces during the engraving process. These special polishes work miracles on small areas but should be used carefully and according to the instructions for best results.

Purchasing your own acrylic for us to use
We will not be responsible for any defects or scratches when you purchase the acrylic

Be an INFORMED Consumer!
  • Be sure to examine the sheet carefully for any tears, rips or scratches to the masking! The smallest scratch will refract light if back lighting. If polished too vigorously, the result could be swirls or even funhouse-like refraction
  • Be sure it it fresh! Acrylic that is a year old, stored for a long time, could be bowed, making it difficult to cut smoothly or has taken on moisture which will make it crack & sizzle when laser cut. The longer it sits around, the harder the factory mask is to remove which may result in scratching. Yellowing can also occur depending on where and how it has been stored. Here is an example of extruded acrylic
    laser cut acrylic

rc pilots
Here is an example of a unique project commissioned by a
New York Artisit working through USF Tampa Art Center

The acrylic is clear cast acrylic
sitting on a black background to show the details
laser engraved acrylic laser cut laser engraved acrylic

For larger projects
we will use our CNC Router
Large ACRYLIC shelf cut for Ageless Advanced Aesthetics Office Using 3030 green glass acrylic,
the light caputures the engraved details & polished edges
ageless advanced aesthetics

Cigar Gauge Guide:
An example of engraved & etched Cast Acrylic
Please visit:Cigar Ring Gauge Guide
cigar ring guage guide

Need templates for quilt or pattern making?
quilting templates

Acrylic comes in many colors
Mirror, Frosted, Clear, Translucent
Black acrylic ornaments

An example of back color filled acrylic sign
This can be done with either extruded or cast acrylic
laser cut acrylic sign

Kid's project using White Acrylic, colorfilled with glitter glue & paints.
laser engraved white acrylic

Example of White Acrylic Wall Logo
Standoffs are used to make the sign appear to be floating on wall
Harbor White Acrylic Logo

Example of Colored Acrylic
Wedding Monograms,Jewelery, Pendants, Kids Bedroom . . . . the use is endless!
laser cut pink acrylic

led lit sign

LED edge lit items

Laser Engraved Edge Lit Acrylic items

This technique is a relatively new concept and we are proud to offer it to you. When light is applied to the edge of acrylic, it is imprisoned until it has a way to exit, other than the edge, when engraving is applied it has it´s exit point and creates a very stunning effect in the process.

We use CAST ChemCast GP Acrylic Sheet: Green Edge,

Looks just like Glass!

Lightweight, rigid thermoplastic material that has many times the breakage resistance of glass.

ChemCast GP is ultraviolet light absorbing - therefore very weather resistance with standing exposure for many years without losing its surface gloss or mechanical properties

led lights

Now Available
Desktop led signs
ac plugged multi-color programmable lights or solid color

usb port-solid color:green, blue or red - special order item

Special Ordered-Orange County DMV Station Signs
led desktop signsled desktop signs

Hardwired with off/on toggle switch & Blue led lights

Great at the office or as a gaming or night light
laser engraved edge lit  sign
Our most popular size
10" long x 4-1/2" high, including the clear base
RGB Colors with remote controller
A/C plug included

laser engraved led edge lit desk sign
led backlit sign
Click here to see Your logo as a customized 10" L x 4-1/2" H desktop
led backlit nameplate
Includes artwork fee

Desktop led signs
12"Long x 6"Tall - Retail Price $85.00

Order yours today!

Desktop led signs
10" Long x 4-1/2" Tall - Retail Price $75.00

Order yours today!

led lit

Your School Mascot:
St. Pauls Go Knights
Go Knights

Your logo: Classic Dental logo
edge lit led desk sign:
Classic Dental
laser engraved led sign
Kids Night Light
Grandkids designed their own night lites
from their coloring pages
Remote can dim the light and change color
custom led night lite

kids nightlight

led acrylic night light
led backlit sign
Click here to see Your logo as a customized desktop
led backlit night light

laser engraved led edge lit license plate
led backlit sign
Click here for a custom laser engraved led edge lit license plate
laser engraved custom led edge lit license plate

I got a personal call form the owner the following day to express how blown away they are with it. Our plate looks amazing.
Great job to you and your crew!! Thank you so much for all the hard work and getting to us so quickly.

laser engraved led edge lit plates

edge lit license platesedge lit front license plates
laser cutting engraving cnc
Thank you . Let's build it.

Retail Price $125.00

Order yours today!

Your logo laser engraved led lit CAR license plate 6" x 12" :
laser engrave your logo

LED lights are mounted around the plate in a recessed channel

laser engraved led backlit licenseled car license plate
Backing Plate is normally Mirror or Black Arylic can be requested
Black ABS vacuum formed shell encase all for a better water tight seal
See examples below
When designing artwork, consider the top frame you will be using

laser engraved license plate if you have questions

otherwise be sure your artwork is not covered by the frame

led car license plate

Specialty artwork can be done at our artwork charges as explained at the top of our page
rc pilots

A proof is provided before production

LED lit 5" x 7" Motorcycle license plate kit: Now Available
Black ABS vacuum formed shell encase all for a better water tight seal
Proof example of a motorcycle size LED plate

led back lite license plate

Retail Price $125.00

Order yours today!

Your personalized laser engraved led lite car license plate kit includes 3 parts
  • The assembled plate with lights, mirror, black hard shell back-plate & connector wire
  • DC12V RGB Control Box, pigtail, Connector & line of sight IR remote control eye
  • RGB Color Remote with battery CR2025 installed

The LED illumination is of such a low power that it could be left on for days without draining your car or truck battery, however you can wire it so that you can turn it on or off as desired.

You have several ways that the led controller can be hooked-up to your car.
  • When you turn the ignition on
  • When you turn the lights on
  • When you use the remote to turn on manually

After installed, the remote control can set the lights to 4 different styles of lights
  • Flash
  • Strobe
  • Fade
  • Smooth
The remote is set up for either solid RGB primary colors or a blending of colors of your choice.
Experiment and have fun!

Darrell Gwynn

Darrell Gwynn found himself on the receiving end of an amazing piece of equipment at Gator Nationals when he was presented with a unique 16-foot scale version of a 45-foot Prevost RV; Unveiled at the Daytona 500 Race and used at the Gator Nationals. Darrell Gwynn's mini RV is equipped with LED lighting inside and out.

The off-road-only mini-Prevost, which was designed to accommodate Gwynn when he attends NHRA and NASCAR races nationwide and promote the Darrel Gwynn Foundation, was donated by a group of fellow racers and makers of the installed equipment.

JR Laser Solutions is proud to have provided the design & laser engraving of 2 of the led pieces. We pulled 3 web-clips off of the internet-the logo, the car, and the kid banner. These were then painstakingly hand-drawn and converted to laserable art, which was used as a mirror. There is also a dash panel engraving in honor of his daughter, Katie Gwynn.

Darrell Gwynn Prevost Cart
Katie Gwynn

click here to see the process of the conceptual design to finished mirror
Darrell Gwynn Project

led license plateFirst Gear

Other examples of special logos
edge lit signedge lit signs

edge lit signedge lit business signedge lit shop sign

Engraved areas can also be colorfilled
laser engraved front license plateslaser engraved license plate

Example of fancy fill engraved into a Key Fob
acrylic laser engraving
These make great fundraisers, colorfilled or plain
rc pilots
laser cutting

laser engraved giftsLEATHER:
Leather color determines the outcome

text engraved on leather
Tan leather engraves a warm brown & black almost dissapears.
Leather will have a burnt smell but after smoke residue is cleaned
& aired, this will dissapate.
laser engraved leather
laser engraved leather
Also see our section on cutting leather located below in Fabric

Tan leather laser engraved and cleaned
leather laser engravedlaser engraved leatherlaser engraved leather

laser engraved knife sheath
laser engraved leather flask

Brown Leather Bible or Book Cover
engraved leather cover

Brown leather wallet
engraved leather wallet
Black leather Men's Wallet
Monogram or Initials
Ralph Loren Polo Leather
Ralph Loren Polo Leather Men's Wallet
Please do not confuse leather embossing with leather engraving
Embossing stamps the design into the leather leaving an impression in the leather
leather embossing
A special stamp is required to emboss

Laser engraving leather is actually burning or cutting into the top layer of the leather
using the laser beam
laser engraving
laser engraved leather
Baseball Gloves, Balls & Footballs
Have your leather sports items personalized
Baseballs & Baseball Gloves

The font requested was FRESHMAN, a heavy dark font
baseball glove engraved

many fonts to choice from!

We will deflate the ball for laser engraving
if synthetic, it will need to be colorfilled
laser engraved football
laser engraved wilson football
All leather items are given a top dressing of Leather Sheen
Leather Finish helps shine and condition your leather with a flexible, durable acrylic finish
buffed to a beautiful luster and keeps your leather attractive for years to come.

Leather Corporate Briefcase
laser engraved
laser engraved leather brief case

Also see more examples in Fabric - click here

rc pilots
laser cutting

QR CODES Now available!
scan or click code for more info
qr codes

laser cutting

laser engraved giftsCNC engraved Gun Parts:
Gun parts ship to:
D & D Sales, Dunedin, FL

FFL licensed - uppers & lowers
cnc engraved gun parts

cnc laser engraved gun parts

cnc engraved guns
cnc engraved guns

cnc engraving

;aser engraved wood signs

rc custom laser cuttingprecision laser cutting rc custom laser cutting

say hello to my little friend
;aser engraved wood signs
rc pilots

Now Available
Personalize your brass casings
brass casing

Please contact me again if you have anymore questions
laser cutting

laser engraved gifts Gunstock - custom made or engraved

A Personalized Engraved Gunstock
is the ultimate customization for the sportsman/woman who has everything!
You can proudly display your name, hunting club, photo or graphic you can imagine.
This is THE perfect gift for the gun enthusiast.

Custom gunstock engraving:
Gun stock Engraving Service

The stock must be removed from the firearm.
Price includes the design work, engraving, darkening for enhancement.
We can add coloring to the engraving
It's your choice.
Gold fill add $5.00

The sender is responsible for shipping the stock to us
& the return of the stock.
The initial price does not include the return shipping

Long stocks and butt-stocks can be engraved.

Simply purchase the engraving service using the Paypal button below.
then we'll send you an email to determine
what your gun stock project needs are.
We can use a design that you already have
or we can create a new one
from scratch based on what you want.
Lineart & vector works best;
engraved gunstocks
Artwork or photos need to be clear and crisp
Black & White at least 300 dpi.

Color photos need to go through conversion
engraved ground hog
gunstock engraving

laser engraved gunstock
Here's what this great customer had to say:
"I received the gun stock today. You have no reason at all to fret.
You have pleased this old fellow perfectly.
Thank you for what must have been a certain challenge.
I dare say that this might be the first ground hog
you put on a stock but you met the challenge extremely well!
Thanks again.

Thanks Gerry - it did take a bit longer, but glad you love the outcome!

If color photos are submitted an additional charge may apply for conversion

email us your design and we will let you know if we can use it

First time & some complex designs may require a small set up fee.

Either case will require MORE processing time.

If you reuse a design that you have already ordered in the past,
there would be no set up charges.
We do not use jigs for set up.
Each stock or forearm is started from scratch.

Some photos, logos or graphics, provided by the customer,
occasionally are not useable in their original condition.

Lasers need a good line drawing for the best results.
Many graphics can be converted and made usable.

Some are just not good enough to convert.
At times, graphic redesigns, can require several hours of extra work
and a graphic conversion fee may be necessary.

The ideal graphic is a vectorized line drawing - black & white vector art.

The curvature of the surface may limit how close we can get to the outer edge of the work piece.

We take great pride in our workmanship
We will not rush and produce poor results.
If it looks good to us after testing only then is a proof sent to you.

IF you ship your stock without paying,
it goes on the production shelf in limbo.
Production schedule is processed twice a week,
so if the payment comes in after the fact,
scheduling could be delayed.


Let me know if you have a critical timeframe
and I'll let you know if I can meet it.

Generally, allow at least 2-3 weeks for the entire process to be completed.
If the design is complex or needs reworking or redrawing
add approx. 3 weeks to the process
I will schedule testing production of your graphic after reviewing your submission
or email you for further information

All graphics are tested on similiar woods and
We then email a proof of that design for your approval,
before your item is engraved.

Each piece of wood grained stock reacts differently
Keep this in mind when permanently engraving anything on your stock!

Allow time for the stock to be delivered back to you.
FedEx Home Delivery is our primary choice of shipping for this project

use pull down for engraving options

Please contact me again if you have anymore questions
laser cutting

remember 91101 never forget

Custom Made Shooter's Bench:
Personalized with Hunters Graphics Choice & Name
custom laser cutting
email us for more information!

shooters bench

laser cutting

laser engraved giftslaser engraved Pistol Grips
What our customers are saying . . . .
laser cutting engraving cnc
Ruger Single-Six's Cocobola- Rosewood Pistol Grips
"I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work you did on my set of grips.
You have taken an idea that I had in my head and made it a reality,
and the end result is better than I could have imagined.
The detail is amazing and I truly appreciate that you have created
what will become an heirloom in our family. Thank you!
Beau Ratliff

He wanted the names to "pop"

ruger single six pistol grips
ruger engraved pistol grips
ruger engraved pistol grips
laser engraved pistol grips
Pistol Grips done for Father of the Bride & Groom gifts
laser engraved pistol grips
The customer selected a Ringmaster font colorfilled Gold Leaf
Dale was very happy!

laser cutting

laser engraved giftsLaser engraving your personal items

Ted & Ray presented me with a personal urn & memory box
Special made for their Mother.
Included was a pencil sketch of her butterfly design
and the text to be engraved on the face of her urn.

Here is her butterfly
natural cut and colorfilled with an offset to help support the thin parts

Her Sons wrote a beautiful sentiment for engraving on this deep walnut memory box
I color filled black to make the text readable
wood urn

They were blown away.

I sent them home with extra butterflies to be painted by their children
or to use as ornaments

laser engrave

These beautiful Sapele boxes made by the Best Man
Laser Engraved for the Bride and Groomsmen
laser engraved wood
laser engraved wood box
laser engraving
laser engrave
jr laser solutionslaser engrave wood laser engrave woodlaser engraved wood
rc pilots
Personalize your skateboard
laser engraved skateboards

laser cutting

laser engraved gifts Window Screens:
A/C Duct Covers or Grills:
Express Your Style Using Decorative Window, Privacy Screens, & A/C Duct Grill Covers
Installing our screens will give your home or office a contemporary architectural feel.
laser engraved privacy screen laser cut room divider

We offer a wide range of exotic, geometric and botanical motifs
that have been created to tie in with a range of exterior and interior themes,
colors and designs.
A variety of patterns are available or we can use your pattern.

If you can't find the pattern you're looking for, we can design it for you .
If you would like a new design as an exclusive , you will need to pay 100% of the design fee approx $150.00
If you are happy for us to keep and use the design, you only pay 50% of the design cost approx $75.00
These are one-time charges for the design and would depend on the complexity of the design.
The design is kept on file for future orders.
A new order for resizing would incur an approx $45.00 new setup charge,
depending on the size and shape.

All of our designs and patterns can be made into small tiles using
a small section and repeated over a wall or ceiling.

Available in either Acrylic, Premium Ply or MDF
Paint grade is lightly sanded and ready for painting
Or perhaps your own specialty wood choice
(Note these can be made to hang both horizontally or vertically)

All Patterns are cut with approx. 50% density unless requested otherwise.
Screen density is the term used to describe how much light or view is
blocked out by the screen and is expressed as %.
This density allows light and air flow through the openings within the patterns.

For example, if a laser cut screen has a density of 70% , it will let 30% of the view through .
You could say that this figure determines whether
the screen is a privacy screen or decorative screen or both .
Most patterns can be easily adjusted to suit your needs at little extra cost .
privacy screens

Most A/C grill or duct covers are laser cut
using 1/4" Premium Baltic Birch Wood
unless otherwise specified.

THICKNESS - choose from:
Laser Cut:
Maximum laser cut is 36" x 48"
Laser edges will be dark from the laser beam
Patterns will have sharp defined edges.

Larger or thicker woods are
CNC Routered
Maximum panel size: 48" x 96"

The nature of the bit, when using the CNC Router, results in a rounding or softening of sharp edge details.
The edge will be wood colored with no discoloration.

An example of proof and how the Baltic Birch can be either stained or painted.
laser cut screen a/c duct cover

Remember when ordering Plywoods, Veneered or Laminate woods, there is an inner ply.
When stained or painted, it is not as obvious to the eye.
Your project arrives lightly sanded, ready to be primed & painted or stained.

CNC Routered ply view:
a/c grill covers

Laser Cut ply view:
laser cut ply edge

Wood Cut Words also available
69 inches long by 24 inches high
wood cut words

When measuring for your project - always measure twice
We can not be held responsible if you mis-measure
Most patterns come with a 1" border all around.
The edge can be sanded or cut with a saw, if you need to adjust.

Example of an inside mount window screen or duct cover
inside mount

Example of an outside mount cover or screen
a/c duct cover

If holes are required, you will need to specify the size and location required.

laser cut window screen

Our CNC Router cutting a decorative bamboo design privacy window screen
wood cut window screens

If you would like an accurate price for your decorative or privacy
laser/cnc cut screen or cover project,
simply send us an email.
laser cutting laser engravingemail me if interested
Payment is required before production or release of any artwork or proofs.

1/2" Baltic Birch - CNC Router Cut
cnc cut wood screen

1/4" Baltic Birch - Laser Cut
wood privacy screenwood privacy screens

laser engraved baseball bat

laser engraved vertical wall projects
Whether you want custom laser engraved tiles, a decorative pattern engraved in wood or
even laser engraved wood flooring
Vertical decorating can be seen on walls, cabinets, bathrooms, kitchens and ceilings
Here is a small example of a logo laser engraved on laminate flooring
which was then used to vertically decorate old cabinets
adobe gilas laser engraved flooring

Another example of a laser engraved bathroom tile for backsplash
laser engraved wall tile

laser engraved baseball bat

CNC cut engraved wood shutters

This customer wanted us to mimic this style of shutter hand cut wood engraving
wood shutters and pine cones
but requested I design something subtle, floral with hummingbirds

custom designed hummigbird engraving

cnc cut wood shutters with hummingbird design laser engraved shuttercnc cut shutters
Wood can either be laser engraved for a dark appearance or cnc cut to allow for colorfill

;aser engraved wood signs

Custom laser engraved wood signs
brave people

Custom laser engraved Basswood Natural Bark wood signs

Mary bought a new cabin in North Carolina and wanted a rustic sign
The sign needed a bear & maybe a tree-simple but rustic

She wanted to dedicate it to her husband for her family & generations to come
laser engraved wood sign
I added this dedication on the reverse side after hearing her story
laser engraved basswood
Mary was very pleased and it was beyond her expectations!

Welcome and Inspirational Wood Plaques & Signs
laser engraved baseball bat

Custom laser engraved baseball bat
Your wood or anodized aluminum baseball bat

Cross Bayou - Outlaws
laser engraved baseball bat

Rodger is a local wood turner, who presented me with
his wood turned baseball bat for his son.

He sketched out what he wanted engraved and I did an artwork conversion

baseball bat laser engraved
laser engraved baseball bat
Another very happy customer!

The Baseball bat was a big success! He went one for three. He played left field and second base!
a great time thank you!!!! Rodger

laser engraved baseball bat
custom decoratied kitchen cabinets wood or glass

An example of conversion from art piece to laser engraved
This customer is remodeling their home
They want a door insert to match this plaster cast of Medusa
This is my first run and since I've changed the shape of the eyes
It will be Gold-leafed when finished
If you are local, stop by Woodcrafters and speak with John
laser engraved Medusa

custom decoratied kitchen cabinets wood or glass

Custom Engraved Kitchen Cabinets
photos coming soon

rc pilots
laser cutting
laser engraved giftsCNC ROUTERED ITEMS:

Foam Cutting is also available using our CNC Foam Cutter.
Our new CNC Router 4' x 8' work area with a 12" gantry is here!
Services are available now!

Speciality Signs & Logo's
Laser engraved rough sawn cedar planks
laser engraved logo

CNC Routered Speciality Plastic
hanging signs

CNC Routered Wood Signs
routered signs

Irish Coffin

Custom parts can be either laser cut or cnc cut

Irish Coffin
micromatic irish coffin
laser engraved led sign

cnc router

cnc machined parts

What our customers are saying . . . .
laser cutting engraving cnc

Derek Speare Designs
Derek Speare Designs
JR Laser Solutions does exceptional work.
I trust them to do my laser cutting and CNC machining,
and every component they run for me is exact and precise.
Not only are they prompt, courteous and professional,
they turn my jobs out quickly and at great rates.
Their "can do" attitude gets it done!
I completely recommend JR Laser Solutions.
I've been fortunate to have found them several months ago and am glad I did.
I am most pleased with how my components are finished,
and my customers tell me regularly the same thing!
If you don't have JR Laser Solutions do your work,
you're not getting the best you can get.

Derek Speare,
Derek Speare Designs
laser engraved led sign

laser engraved giftsMEMORIAL BENCHES

VNA Benches
memorial benches
memorial bench

Treasure Island 2015
New ECO Enamel Exterior Gloss Paints are now being used to help the painting
withstand the elements at the beach
The beach environment is brutual and the paint will not last forever
on these 100% recycled milk jug plastic benches
But hopefully the initial dedication will be colorful
The routered lettering will always be visible!

In Celebration of Jennifer
memorial bench

In Celebration of Kelli
engraved memorial bemch
We're planning a trip in Jan. to see it--in fact some of our friends from Orlando are going to join us.
We want to set on Kelli's Bench and watch the Beautiful sunset with her.

Once again Thanks so much Warren and Rita

Sunset Beach Civic Association
CNC Routered 100% Recycled Plastic Beach Benches
Design was first routered into the plastic
Sunset Beach Civic Association

custom beach benches

custom memorial benches

and then hand painted with Eco Exterior Gloss Enamels
Bob Driscoll Memorial bench

cousins memorial bench

These are undergoing a new application of ECO Exterior Enamel Gloss Paint
The beach environment is brutual and the paint will not last forever
on these 100% recycled milk jug plastic benches
But hopefully the initial dedication will be colorful

Installed on the beach, Sunset Beach, Florida
Bob Driscoll Sunset Beach FL

memorial bench

Other materials are also available

Trexx boards are great for playgrounds & spray parks
engraved trexx memorial bench

laser cut wood

laser engraved giftsMETAL MARKING:
We can cut some metals on our CNC Router!
Although we do not laser cut or laser engrave metal,
we do offer metal marking, which can be done on parts,
wedding, groomsmen or hunting knives or anything metal or aluminum!

We only use genuine Cermark
click on link for manufacturer physical testing results

The Cermark metal marking process is one of the highest quality processes available.
Using the power and speed of lasers we provide nondestructive, high contrast, permanent marks on a variety of bare materials.

The marking that we offer is a permanently laser bonded, ceramic fusion that is pure black in color.
The ceramic fusion is as permanent as the metal (or more), scratch resistant, resistant
to almost all known chemicals and impervious to almost anything but gouging or grinding.
IT is NOT a deep engraving or cut into the metal.

For over a year, NASA's International Space Station was home
to aluminum squares lasermarked with this metal marking solutions.
space station

Our products are lead and cadmium-free,water-based materials which means they are environmentally friendly.

We can metal mark your item as long has it is clean, free of coatings & oils.
It will be carefully cleaned again before the process.
We can not be held responsible for scratched or inferior metals.

Pearl White & Copper Colors are speciality colors, also available at an additional cost

laser engraved metal
laser engraved tools
laser engraved tag
metal marking laer engraved golf ball marker

If the metal has a lacquered coating, the Cermark will not work.
Engraving away the lacquer and then applying the Cermark
usually works however this dual process is priced differently from the single-fusion process.

Personalized Wrenches
engraved wrenches

Personalized Stainless Steel Military dog tags
These were laquered
lasered away the lacquer coating & then metal marked the Steel with
Photo Engraving of his kids

photo engraving on dog tags

laser engraved knife

Stainless Steel Knives

KC has some very special gifts for his 2 son's
He wanted something special so that the boy's would remember both their GrandFather and their Father as well as the freedom's we enjoy.
Working with elements of design that KC sent, one side has the Family Crest, the other side a statement of freedom and the spine has each person's name engraved.
These Swedish knives are gorgeous and the smaller Ka-Bar's are great for hunting

metal marked knives
laser marked Ka-Bar knives
laser engraved metal marked stainless steel knive

Personalized Groomsmen's Knives
metal marked knives

Dale was a very understanding patient customer, who stuck by us during our nightmarish upgrade to Window 8.
Although his wedding wasn't until December, he dropped 5 pocket knives for his groomsmen in June
We pride ourselves on our quick turn-around, some even call us Laser Express, but the upgrade caused many delays
A couple of months later, he finally got his order
As a token of our appreciation, we gave him an additional knife-for the Groom!

Dale was very happy and so was his fiance!
He wrote:
"just wanted to let you know my fiance loved the engraving work you did, she was especially excited about how the grips came out.
Of course, I am now carrying my knive with me, so thanks again for that gift."
groom's gifts
Thanks, Dale - We aim to please

click here to see Pistol Grips

Another happy Groom
groomsmen gifts

Kabar laser marked
Create a new family emblem and crest

laser metal marked
kabar laser engraved

Start a new family legacy!

laser engraved knives

Motorcycle Derby & Parts
We do not Diamond Drag or cut into the Derby or Parts
Metal Marking will be a permanent BLACK ceramic fusion onto the part

If your parts are Chromed, it will be a black marked image not cut into the chrome
That type of image is stamped into the part first and then sent out to be chromed, which we DO NOT provide
Example of a STAMPED Chrome Part
chromed HD part
Diamond Drag Rotary at a Jewelery Shop might be able to assist or refer you to someone
or check your local Motorcycle shop

Examples of Chrome Derby & Part Metal Marked with CERMARK
laser engraved derby

laser engraved motorcycle parts

Example of Stainless Steel Plates for Proto-type Identification
metal marking stainless steel

cnc router fiberglass chopper system mold making

Wedding, Shower or Party Gifts & Favors

Fight Box or Wedding Capsule
laser engraved first fight box
Newest wedding or anniversary gift
A wedding time capsule can be fun - something that they will open on their 10 year anniversary.
The wedding couple writes a letter to each other and put wedding mementos into that canister or box.
Have your guests write on post cards that the couple will read on their 5 and 10 year anniversary.
A really nice idea and it would give guests something to do while waiting during cocktail hour.

Enter the Fight Box
Your 'First Fight' Box at Your Wedding

Let's face it: You're going to fight. In fact, it can be healthy to fight.
Before your big day, gather a wooden box, a bottle of wine (or the alcohol of your choice), and two glasses.
Write love notes to each other, explaining your feelings as you prepare to start your new life together as husband and wife.
Seal your letter without letting your soon-to-be read what you've written.

We can laser engrave your names, dates, sentiments or anything you want on the box!

During the ceremony, place the love notes inside the wooden box with the wine and glasses.
Take turns hammering the box shut, one nail at a time, until the box is sealed. OR seal it whatever way the box seals!

Agree to keep the box sealed until a special anniversary, like your 10th or 20th, unless you hit a rough patch.

But there may be a time when you need to remind yourself why you fell in love your husband-to-be in the first place.

Then, break open the box, pour the wine, read the letters, and remember what it's all about!

A few examples:
fight recovery box
fight box
anniversary fight box
laser engraved fight box
wedding fight box
first fight box
fight boxfirst fight box
wedding fight box

fight box

cnc router fiberglass chopper system mold making

Powder Coated or Stainless Steel Growlers
Custom design your growler for that perfect birthday gift, Father's Day gifts,
wedding giveaways, groomsmen presents, Christmas & Corporate gifts and event prizes.

We will work closely with you to make your custom growler perfect.

Laser engraving prices start at $20.00, which includes simple cliparts or 2 lines of text.

The Powder coated growler is laser engraved and then polished
to show the brilliance of the stainless steel
laser engraved growler laser engraved beer growler
Stainless Steel Growlers can be metal marked with Cermark
resulting in a rich deep black engraving.
laser engraved growler
cnc router fiberglass chopper system mold making

laser engraved flip flop bottle opener
"Pop the Top" Flip-Flop Bottle Opener
Salt Life & Flip Flop bottle openers

Popping the question might just lead to popping the top on your favorite drink!

Our Mini Thong Flip Flop Bottle Openers are the perfect favor for beach themed weddings and anytime parties.
personalized with your own special message, it makes a unique and fun gift which is sure to bring smiles everytime it's used.
Guests will keep it handy and think of you every time they use this clever flip-flop bottle opener favor.

Our Mini flip flop bottle opener features a turquoise rubber thong strap.

flip flop bottle openers
salt life flip flop bottle openers

This flip-flop bottle opener is made of brushed steel and will not break or wear out.
Extremely strong, both sides can be laser engraved & each image is fused permanent black ceramic to the steel.

Can be personalized with metal marking on front and back
Wedding, birthday, retirement, birth announcement or any celebration!

flip flop bottle opener

Please allow 5-10 working days for production plus delivery time.
Express Mail is available at an additional charge

For all urgent orders, please contact us asap with details
before placing an order.

"Pop the Top" Flip Flop Bottle Opener

Minimum order required - 10 each
Sold in 10/5 lots

Front side only - centered
10 bottle openers - $7.99 each
15 bottle openers - $7.25 each
20 bottle openers - $6.99 each
25 bottle openers - $6.25 each
30 bottle openers - $5.99 each

Only want one?
1 bottle opener - plain - $4.00; with Personalization
Cost: $0.90/Char, Min. $5.00
punctuation or special symbols are counted as characters.
Need a larger quantity? Just email me the date & details and I'll get back with a great price!
I have a variety of fonts & clipart for that special touch

wedding favor
Shipping cost will be quoted in email, I usually use USPS Priority or USPS Priority Flat, whichever is less.

laser cut wood monogram
Wood or Acrylic Monograms & Single Letters
Great for cake toppers, Garden or Hall decorations
Also can be done in Childrens Fonts for wall mounts
laser cut monograms
laser cut monogram initial
laser cut monogram

laser cutting laser engravingemail me if interested
laser engraving
cnc router fiberglass chopper system mold making

Silver Oxidation
These beautiful brushed silver wedding frames
were laser engraved first and then oxidized for an
everlasting pure black engraving

Tara, the bride-to-be, was in so many of her friends weddings as a bridesmaid
She wanted something beautiful yet affordable to give to her bridesmaids & sister
I found these gorgeous double silver frames
On one panel the photo of her friends wedding
On the other panel - Tara's wedding day!
I also did frames for His & Her Moms for the rehearsal night gifts

A special webpage at our Lazer Depot was created
so she could proof the layouts and see the progress
The lettering was matched to her wedding invitations

silver wedding frames

custom laser engraved wedding frames

custom laser engraved wedding gifts

custom laser engraved wedding gift for Mom

precison laser cutting and laser engraving

Vinyl Graphics:
Our vinyl cutter can be used for any flat surface ready to accept vinyl adhesive!
Storefront graphics, fleet truck identification,
Body stencils, rhinestone stencils, paint stencils, food & cake stencils can be either
vinyl cut or laser cut!

We can take your logo and create more advertising for your business
Sign, Door, Window, Truck or Car can be turned into your billboard or identification

truck signs
monument signs
model boat vinyl graphic

Aluminum Vinyl Cut Novelty or Street Signs

vanity signs

vinyl novelty signs
rc custom laser cuttingprecision laser cutting rc custom laser cutting

laser engraving
laser cutting

laser engraved wedding itemsWedding, Shower or Party Items:
Your wedding day will be a day you remember for the rest of your life.
We want your wedding day to be memorable for not only the bride and groom, but for every guest as well.
Make it a personal affair by custom engraving your invitations, decorations, wine glass charm favors, gifts, save the date tags, magnets or even your bouquet, leaves, petals, glass beads, name confetti to scatter on the table as favors.
Endless possibilities!
personalized gifts
Save the date key chains, magnets, cards, acrylic shapes, monograms, glass keepsakes could start your wedding off with a reminder that will be with them every day.
All ready purchased items can be shipped (or dropped off) to us for any custom engraving needs.

  • Wood, Acrylic, and plastic invitations
  • First Fight Wine Box
  • Monograms
  • Customized Wood or Silver Frames
  • Laser cut Acrylic or Wood Cake Toppers
  • Table Numbers (card stock, acrylic, wood)
  • LED Lighted, non-illuminated & foam back Table Plans (Seating Charts)
  • LED lighted, non-illuminated & foam back Menus
  • Glassware
  • Cake Knife & Server set - can be metal marked
  • Flask
  • Shot glasses
  • Glass Ornament Keepsakes
  • Save the Date Magnets, Tags, Hearts or shapes or Key FOBS/Chains
  • Place Cards
  • Napkin rings
  • Cupcake wrappers
  • Favors - engraved rocks, acrylic charm shapes, glass beads, silk leaves or petals
  • Flip Flop bottle openers
  • Grooms Gifts - knives, flasks and more
Everything is custom made for you.
For your eyes only webpage is created at our Lazer Depot for proofing & progress

toppers - more posted soon
laser cut cake topper
wedding toppercake topper
led wedding topper

glass keepsakeglass keepsakeglass keepsake

first fight box
first fight box
The possibilities are endless ... you are only limited by your imagination!

Have an idea in mind; ask us if we can make your ideas come true.
Already picked out your invitations? Ask us to match them or your wedding colors.

Groomsmen, Party Gifts & Favors

Unique personalized tools


craftsman wrenches

groomsman flask groomsman flask gift set

engraved wrenches

laser engraved knives

laser engraved bottle opener
rc pilots

laser cutting

laser engraved giftsSAMPLES:
Personalize Store bought items
Unique wedding gift purchased at
Pier 1 Imports
Wedding Party - The Griffins
Pier 1 tray

Pier 1 coaster

laser cutting

laser engraved giftsSAMPLES:
Handcrafted items
laser cutting engraving cnc
New Teacher's First Day
A very special plaque from her Mom on her 1st day as a teacher
Teresa carved a wood apple, added a small piece of chalk
A day to remember
The black Rowmark engraved a crisp white,
looked just like a chalkboard!
laser cut engraved wood

Nametags & Plaque Plates
Here is an example of a replacement plaque plate
Jack lost the brass Old English engraved plate
He requested the Black cap material to match the others he has
also matching the jewelers font
Here is his replacement

A special gift from a loving Son-in-law
"Absolutely beautiful! It is my mother in laws birthday, and this will truly put a big smile on her face and in her heart. Thanks again."
Our best Baltic Birch Plywood with routered edges, a back hanger & clear-coated
Here is a very special 15" x 20" wood engraved gift
laser engraved eulogy

Close up of text
laser engraved wood

laser cutting

Instructor John at our local Woodcrafters in Florida
handcrafted a beautiful wedding gift and needed the ebony engraved
for the bride & groom
laser engraved memory box

engraved ebony

engraved ebony, one of the hardest woods to engrave!

John says the bride was ecstatic!
He highly recommends JR Laser Solutions
for their attention to detail,
working with difficult materials
and delivering within a critical deadline.

laser cutting engraving cnc
Jay, out Texas way, wanted something unusual
A 3-D Moose trophy
da moose was on the loose!

laser cut heavy cardboard

Jay had the heavy stock cardboard dropped shipped to our shop.
A 2nd Moose is on its way back to him!

Jay emailed us:
I absolutely love it Vicki!!
couldn't be happier! turned out wonderful! terrific work!!
thanks so ,much!

laser engraved giftsArchitect Matboard laser cut:
Cardboard or Matboard
Architects, Engineers, Students
We can cut your project, just send your file or text required
laser cut matboard
Remember-when cutting out letters you will need to stencil the text so that the whole letter doesn't fallout
If you need help, just email me.

Our very special client
Sylla International, Tampa Bay Modern Architects

laser cut paper

laser cutting engraving cnc
Jason emailed me wanting something unique
for their 5th Wedding Annivesary
He explained they were married on St. Lucia
and loved the colorful parrots and the view of the Pitons
I've never been there, so I researched the island and its birds
He sent me this picture to somewhat use as the background
St. Lucia Pitons
Wanting a painting on an old piece of wood
that might be found washed up on the beach!
He also requested a branch with their initials & date
carved into it like kids do!

The artwork, in the style of a local artist of St. Lucia,
is from the jungle view of the mountains
St. Lucia
as I couldn't very well make the parrots swim on a branch

I took a deep breath and this is what I designed

St. Lucia Parrots

The reverse side had his keepsake wishes
anniversary wishes

If you imagine it . . . . . . we can try and help you achieve it . . . .
Jason was so pleased with his present!
We gave him an easel so his wife could place on their shelving unit
instead of on the wall.

laser cutting

laser cutting

laser engraved giftsNew Item:
Jenga® Block Multiplication Tables

Entertainment and learning come together
in this fun and unique game
that incorporates multiplication tables engraved on both sides.
Perfect as a part of your after-school activities,
this customized game will be a hit
with all the little learners in your family!

Need spelling or language - send your request today!

Taking Back to School & Christmas Orders Now
laser engraved JENGA blocks

Please contact me if you have any questions

Amazing study in thinking outside of the box for adult students!
University of Nebraska Biology Professor thought of a better way to engage his students
educational jenga
I worked very closely with Marc & he prepared the phrases for 6 groups
Approx 250 Jenga blocks were then painted a specific color & laser engraved
Each study group has its own compact storage box for classroom convenience & stackability
More photos of actuall classroom use coming soon!

laser engraved jenga

Click here to visit Encourage Play
Resources to help kids who need support connecting with peers.
As Janine says, everyone should play!
Please visit her new etsy store
encourage play jenga
Encourage Play

We are pleased to have laser engraved her educational concept
using Jenga-like blocks.
Getting to know you Tumbling Block sets & packages of fun!
encourage play tumbling blocks
encourage play tumbling blocks

laser cutting

laser cutting

United States Marine Corps

240 years later, Marines remain faithful.
When Semper Fidelis was adopted as the motto of the Marine Corps, it was taken to heart.
Marines remain fanatically devoted to their country, to the Corps, and to their fellow Marines, We remain steadfastly faithful through the good and the bad, the easy times and the times
When you feel like you can no longer go on.
11/10/2015 - 240th Birthday -Today,and everyday remember the Marines around the world
Who sacrifice every day defending our freedom. Remember the families left behind.
And remember the Marines who made the ultimate sacrifice, Marines who heard their country"s call and gave their all.
The country is reminded of the valor, the pride, the honor, of being a United States Marine.
The Corps values of honor, courage, and commitment still remain strong today,
and Marines deployed all over the world uphold those values as they fight to defend our freedom.

Veterans' Day and EVERY DAY - Remember the fallen and honor those still fighting.

laser engraving

Now available
Hanging Glass Ornament Keepsake
USMC glass ornament memorial
Engraved USMC Memorial Bereavement Ornament
Personalized Marine Memorial Sympathy Keepsake
$12.95 plus shipping
Measures 3.75" x 2.75" includes ribbon
Most personalized items take 2-3 days for personalization and then I ship via USPS Priority Mail.
laser engraved iPhone 5

rc pilots

laser engraved giftsUSMC & Military Branches:
United States Marine Corps Personalized Plaques
LIC # 41128
32 CFR 765.14 (3)"Neither the United States Marine Corps nor any other component
of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized this product
(or promotion, or service, or activity)"
16 inches across
Hand-crafted on our CNC Router
Personalized with your name
Plaque was Buffed & Clear-coated
to bring out the characteristics of the wood
Great gift for Dad or someone special!
Introductory Price: $75.00 US plus $9.95 shipping
Name EXACTLY how you want cut
New Military Ornaments coming soon!

Smaller Ornaments are available, just in time for holiday giving
United States Marine Corps
laser cutting laser engravingemail me if interested

Other branches of the Military are also available upon request

Concept to Finished Project
nfo wings
US Navy
click here to see how a concept becomes a finished project
laser cutting

laser engraved giftsNeed Kabar or Knife engraving
email us the text you wish to have engraved.
(The length of text you submit in each line may determine it's size).
The model of knife, engraving font style and orientation of knife blade (point facings left or right).
The normal turn-a-round time, once your knife is received, is approximately 5-7 business days.

The Epoxy Coated knives such as the black blade
Fighting Knives are best done with the Laser
which only vaporizes the coating away
and does not cut into the metal.
This has the advantage of providing extreme detail
for many font choices, and a variety of Logo images.
engraved kabar knife

On other types, metal blades such as non-coated bare metal,
the blade is coated with a space age material
and then laser bonded to the knife.

Price Information:
Up to four lines of text on one side= $30.00
(Only three lines will fit on a serrated edge knife)
Both sides = $50.00
Logo or Mascot= $6.00 per side
A clean vector image - 300 DPI not to exceed 3-7/8"W x 7/8"H
vector artwork
additional artist prep for the laser at a fee
ranging between $24.00 - $75.00
for a black & white general logo

Pricing will depend on artwork or engraving required
laser cutting laser engravingemail me if interested

laser engraved giftsCold Steel Kopis engraving
Cold Steel Kopis:
1055 Carbon Steel w/ Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte Finish
The finish is a thin-coat and when the label is removed
there is glue residue and pitting
Please be careful when removing;do not use solvents
cold steel kopis

Unfortunately Cermark will not perform well on this Kopis
Here is an example of engraving through the anti-rust coating
It is not engraved to the bare metal to help avoid rusting
cold steel kopis
cold steel kopis
laser engraved kopis
laser engraved kabar knife

laser cutting

laser engraved giftsSpeciality Items
Artwork & Design
Go from this hooty embroidery to this hooters

Special Wall Accent or Window Screen from you initials or logo
Go from this logo or initials to thiswall accents

artwork and desing
email me for more info

laser cutting

Cutting Boards
engraved cutting boards

Wood House Novelty Signs
Lat-Long, Address or Logo/Artwork
email me with your info

laser cutting

laser engraved giftsSpecial Items: Need something for Mom or that Special Someone?
Memory Box - holding personal treasurers or 3 x 5 recipe cards
Curly Maple - measures 13-1/2" W x 9-1/2" D x 5-1/2"H
can be engraved with your words
gift for Mom

laser cutting laser engravingemail me if interested
laser cutting laser engraving
laser cutting

laser engraved giftsTECH:
Personalize & Theft Protect your Tech Devices
Laser Engrave your Business Name or Logo
Laser engraved iPad, Xoom tablets, Kindle, or case.
Add a personal touch to your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Case or Laptop
engrave your name, phone number and email address
to deter stealing and make it easy to locate you in the event it is lost.

laser engraved kindlelaser engraved iPhone

Tattoo Your Technology:

Do you own it? Is your name on it?

mp3playerPersonal: Customize your electronics to to suit your personality. Any photographs or designs can be etched onto your portable music player, cellphone,  laptop, or almost anything else you can think of. You will no longer have to worry about swapping similar cellphones by mistake.

businessBusiness: Brand your employees cellphones, PDA's, and laptops with your business logo and contact information. Etch scannable bar codes into your equipment to keep track of your inventory.

lockSecurity: Have you ever found a portable music player and you couldn't figure out who it belongs to so you can return it? You can engrave your contact information onto your electronics so that a good samaritan can return your lost tech.


Just a note:
Anodized Aluminum laser engraved to white will fade over time due to handling. WE have no control over how the material was anodized or what is under the coating. Some engrave white, some silver, and some unfortunately are mottled.

Some Customized Samples
Bamboo Case
laser engrave iphone case

laser engraved icase

iPod Shuffle
laser engraved ipod

We can etch a logo, simple text or
a complete image on the back of your iPhone5 ,
The anodized aluminum back of the iPhone 5
engraves beautifully with great contrast for photos,
logos and text; laser engraves soft white to soft silvery color.

For a full back image, pricing will be between $50-$60.
For a smaller image or text, pricing will be between $30-$40.
Shipping not included.
laser engraved iPhone 5

rc pilots

cnc router fiberglass chopper system mold making

laser engraved wood memorialsWesley S. Henry Community Pier, Crystal Beach, Florida
Wood Memorial Plank Replacements

Wesley & Henry Community Pier
After years of exposure to sun, wind & salt spray
I can replace your wood memorial plank to look brand new, again.

Crystal Beach Pier
laser engraved Crystal Beach Pier planks

ThinBrik Project
I have submitted to the Crystal Beach Community Association several samples of
ThinBriks - engraved for replacements
These are a great alternative to painted wood.
The weather, sun, sand & surf take a terrible toll the wood planks.

Here are 2 examples of engraved ThinBriks
The engraved brik turns to glass and will out last the brik itself.
It has a topping of clear ceramic monument glaze to help withstand the elements

engraved brick

Crystal Beach Pier

laser engraved iPhone 5

rc pilots
laser cutting

laser engraved giftsORNAMENTS:
Special Order Christmas & Holiday Ornaments are now available
Glass, Crystal, Wood or Acrylic
our design or yours

Please Note: We get very busy with ornament orders later in the season and availability of the standard shaped ornaments becomes limited.
Order ASAP to ensure you can get the style you want on time.

Custom laser cut shapes are always available but our work load increases dramatically for the holiday season which can extend production time.

Have an idea for a Christmas or Holiday Project?
I can help you with your design or idea.
You can always email me a picture of your item
include measurements & material required
I'll let you know what we can do!

Here is an example of a photo of a gazebo in Safety Harbor
The Safety Harbor Chamber of Commerce wanted the
landmark Gazebo on an Oval glass ornament
safety harbor chanber of commerce
safety harbor chamber of commerce
Here is their free gift
the redesigned new logo
safety harbor chamber of commerce

Remember that glass engraving fractures the top layer of glass
and isn't actually cutting into the glass
Some artwork is not suitable for laser engraving
At times, a white or silver color fill may be applied to blend the fractures

cancer awareness

glass ornamentsGlass ornament Info & pricing

New Addition-THE Best Premium Ornaments
THE Best Premium Quality Beveled Glass
4 NEW Exquisite Beveled Ornaments 1/4" thick
This new Premium ornament is exquisitely beveled to make fantastic, light-bending gem cuts.
An excellent gift idea for friends and loved ones, or unique promotional gifts!
Heavier weight with crystal-like edge cut at an affordable low price!
*Ribbon and giftbox included.
laser engraved glass ornaments laser engraved glass ornaments laser engraved glass ornaments laser engraved glass ornaments

Some of the other shapes available in thinner glass:
laser engraved glass ornaments laser engraved glass ornaments laser engraved glass ornaments laser engraved glass ornaments laser engraved glass ornaments laser engraved glass ornaments laser engraved glass ornaments laser engraved glass ornaments laser engraved glass ornaments laser engraved glass ornaments

Specialty Shapes can also be cut from Acrylic Cast or Mirror
laser cut acrylic laser cut acrylic laser cut acrylic
Go Knights

Some examples:
engraved glass ornament
laser engraved glasslaser engraved glass
laser engraved glasslaser engraved glasslaser engraved glass
laser engraved giftsHoliday Wood Ornaments:

All laser cut wood ornaments can be cut with or without the hanger at the top
Please Note: We get very busy with ornament orders later in the season and availability of the standard shaped ornaments becomes limited.
Order ASAP to ensure you can get the style you want on time.

Custom laser cut shapes are always available but our work load increases dramatically for the holiday season which can extend production time.

Thanksgiving Turkey
Cut from 1/8" Baltic Birch, lightly sanded & ready for decoration
Can be personlized with name or message
Great fun as name setting for your holiday dinner table
Thanksgiving turkeyholiday turkey

A very special project
christmas ornaments
A family tradition
merry christmas

2014 Holiday Ornaments & Gift Tags available now!
gift tags
wood gift tags
wood cut gift tags

Special Elf personalized with 2014 & your childs name on the present
special message can also be added to upturned hat brim
Bag o toys can also be personalized with name
laser cut ornaments
Cut from 1/8" Baltic Birch, lightly sanded and ready for decorating
elfpersonal elf

Set of 6 ornaments can also be personalized
Jazzy Santa, Jazzy elf, sitting elf, toys elf, stocking & tree

laser cut ornamentslaser cut ornaments
Merry Christmas
wood cut ornaments
wood cut ornaments
wood cut ornamentssnomen

Back by popular demand!
2014 Name Design are Boy & Girl Gingerbread people
actual example
Christmas ornamentsXmas ornaments
Scrumptious Gingerbread Kids!
These are husky ornaments designed for little hands
Cut from 1/4" Baltic Birch, lightly sanded and ready for decorating
These do take extra time, so order early!

Child's Name & personalization
Christmas ornamentpersonalized Christmas ornaments
Proofs will be emailed before production

Many other styles are available
Glass, Mirror, Wood ornaments availalbe upon request

laser engraved wood ornaments

cnc router fiberglass chopper system mold making

2012 Name Holiday Ornaments
Class Memories
laser cut wood

2012 holiday ornaments

Christmas OrnamentsHoliday Gifts
Christmas ornaments
Many designs are available
laser cutting laser engraving
email me if interested

laser cutting

laser engraved giftsWe can also reproduce most anything from a photo or line drawing.
custom graphicscustom graphics

laser cutting laser engraving

Decking or Wood Planks
Capt Bligh's Miniature Golf
Clearwater, Fl
laser engravinglaser cutting
laser cutting

laser cutting

laser engraved gifts
laser cutting

laser engraved giftsFrom a pencil sketch to finish ready product
Laser cut & engraved jewelry
click here to visit  Mystic Firefly
artwork conversionmystic firefly

laser cut engraved jewelry

Tribal or Tat Art
Pendants or Earrings can be special ordered
Strung on leather or wire hooks
tribal tats

other jewelry ideas
laser cut jewlery laser cut jewelry laser cut jewelry
laser engraved dog tags

laser cutting

laser engraved gifts

Laser engraved Anodized Aluminum tags

Anodized Aluminum tags can be engraved with any combination of photographs,
line art/graphics and/or text as permitted by the size and shape of the tag.
From wedding and party favors to tradeshows and conferences
personalized dog tags are gaining in popularity.

Many shapes, colors & sizes are available!
Permanent mark that won't rub or scratch off

    ID Tags
    Friendship Necklace
    Pet Tags
    Medical Alert
    Spirit tags
    Party Favors
    Luggage tags
    Business Cards

laser engraved pet tags

medical alert tag

anodized aluminum tags

laser engraved tagpirategolf_ball_markershamrock

your logo here


laser engraved gifts
laser cutting

laser engraved giftsEducational:
We work closely with Day Care Centers, Educational Centers, Schools & Churches
From puzzles for little hands to fund raising items for the class trip
Contact us to discuss your needs

Educational Toys Laser cut puzzles for toddlers
laser cut puzzles
lazer cut toys
laser engraved gifts

laser cutting

laser engraved gifts BRICKS:
Working on a Fund Raiser?
Memorial, Announcement or Pathway marker or message?

engraved brick
laser engraved brick

Simple Clipart can be added
or artwork done of your corporate logo or sponsor

laser engraved bricks
Brick & Tile Campaigns available - Large or Small

laser engraved clay brick
engraved tile
engraved bricks
8 x 8 engraved brick

COTI Community Christian School

Standard Red Clay Brick - 4 x 8 x 2
Highlands Elementary School

You will always receive a proof before production is scheduled
engraved bricks
This gives you the opportunity to review the text for misspelling or last minute changes
Once the brick is engraved your donor should be very happy

laser engraved bricks
Building a new patio or walkway at home?
We can personalize your bricks, tiles & pavers

tree dedication, child's birth or the passing of a love one or pet
engraved bricks add that special touch to your project.

When red clay based bricks are engraved,
the mark turns into hardened glass and will outlast the brick itself!

We can also provide you with bricks & tiles, sources or use yours.

laser engraved brick

If your bricks or pavers are concrete & not red clay - don't worry,
we will blast, color-fill & uv-protect the fill
still allowing the paver to evaporate or release moisture & elements that will continue to work to the surface,
such as efflorescence, calcium or lime, etc.
concrete paver memorial
laser engraved concrete

Although the blast method is subject to fading & wearing,
it can be an alternative for you to use your old existing pavers
We do not blast too deep & the surface is smooth to the touch and will not break apart for sometime

Please take note that concrete pavers & bricks must be tested first.
The pricing is based on the time it takes for the entire process, a bit more than Clay-based bricks/pavers

We recommend using a san-serif font such as Arial or Veranda
Serif fonts are problematic & will probably break at the small decorative flourishes at the ends of the strokes
engraved bricks

An example of a tough concrete brick/paver we tested for suitability
concrete pavers
Not a suitable brick

If the clay based brick contains a lot of cullet
This is an example of an unfilled clay brick
engraved brick

laser engraved

engraved brick
laser cuttingDownload PDF-JRLS Ordering & Info (70 kb)
laser cutting Download PDF-Successful Fundraising Campaign (81.3 kb)
rc pilots

University of South Florida
National Academy of Inventors

Travertine for new walkway
engraved travertine
travertine, lightly tumbled provides better endurance than concrete.
used as pool coving, it has anti-slip properties, stays clean & you could drive a truck over it!

laser engraved travertine

Ironstone Brick Pavers
NAI Project required over 340 bricks
Bricks from the building along with 8 x 8 Clay bricks
laser engraved brick
engraved bricks
8 x 8 Belden Red Clay Pavers
engraved pavers

laser engraved bricks
St. Petersburg Christian School Brick Campaign
Wire Cut Clay based pavers, the hardened glass will last a lifetime

St. Petersburg Christian School
St Pete Christian School
laser engraved brick
laser engraved bricklaser engraved brick

laser engraved bricks
rc pilots

We are pleased to help The Marriott - Renaissance Hotel at International Plaza, Tampa, Florida
celebrate their 10th Anniversary.
Honoring their employees & staff of 10 years.
Renaissance Hotel

These are very weathered 10 year old concrete pavers.
We scrubbed & degreased them, laser engraved them.
Colorfilled with Black Lithichrome monument paint.
Then applied, only to the lettering, UV proctective Clear.
rc pilots

New Fund Raisers

friends of weeki wachee
We are pleased to help the Friends
with several engraved bricks for their walkway

Click here to help support the campaign
Friends of Weeki Wachee Springs State Park
Invites you to become a BFF

New Fund Raiser
roc remember our children

R.O.C. Park will provide a setting that celebrates the lives of our children
and remembers the joy they brought to this world.
This memorial will embody a family's love, a friend's loss,
and the compassion of our community.

This will provide a serene setting for remembrance, recreation and meditation.
In this way, we plan to extend the memory of our beloved children we have lost.

To raise funds to support this project via memorials, run/walk events, concerts and
other means to provide opportunities for gathering of friends and family,
as well as sponsoring opportunities for family, friends, businesses and corporations.
Click here to purchase you memorial paver

Saint Paul's School, Clearwater, FL

8" x 8" concrete paver program
laser engraved concrete pavers
laser engraved pavers
laser engraved concrete pavers

laser engraved bricks
rc pilots

COTI Community Christian School
COTI Community Christian School
Here is an example of 4 year old concrete pavers
left over from the original construction.
The concrete has a lot of black & dark aggregate mixed into the cement
COTI Community Christian School

engraved concrete pavers laser engraved pavers

laser engraved brick

As you can see they can take on a charm all their own!
Weathered & Earthy
A great recycle project!
Whether new or old - they will be cleaned and sampled for suitability

laser engraved bricks
rc pilots

Here is another project using old fireclay-garnet 8 x 8 pavers
Highlands Elementary Schools
Highlands Elemetary SchoolHighlands Elemetary School

laser engraved pavers

laser engraved bricks
rc pilots

Memorials & Plaques:
Engraved Marble, Granite or Limestone
Here is an example of a limestone piece
cut to 16" x 16" memorial
used by our newest customer
Saint Paul's School, Clearwater, FLSaint Paul's School Clearwater Florida

laser engraved limestone

Saint Paul's Silent Auction, April 12, 2014
Our Goody basket with gift certificate for personalization of items
St. Pauls Auction

rc pilots

3" x 3" Keepsake Marble Urn -

laser engraved keepsake urn

24" x 36" Granite Cross
A huge challenge - the size of the fleck in the granite was
sharp, very large, and irregular
The photo for the portrait was from 1950 & sepia
Our customer was delighted!
engraved granite

                        granite laser engraving

Our gift to Evelyn - 6 x 6 absolute black granite tile
granite laser engraving

laser cutting

Another example of a 18 x 18 x 2 granite marker
engraved granite

Example of an 12 x 12 x 3/8 Absolute Black Granite tile
engraved granite tile

Your granite or ours! Available in a variety of sizes

ROCKS - Engraved & color-filled novelty
engraved rocks

laser cutting

rc pilots
Personalize your Whiskey Stones
these Mix whiskey spheres feature:
•ability to chill your favorite spirit without diluting it
•an alternative to traditional ice cubes
•100% recycled soapstones
Measures 2" diameter. Made in USA.
whiskey stones
laser engraved whiskey rockslaser engraved whiskey balls

Pet markers are available too!
Brick, Granite, Stone whatever you need!
laser engrave pet markers
laser cutting

Decorative Tile work
Can be done in Porcelain, Travertine, Marble or even bathroom tiles

laser engraved granite tilelaser engraved porcelain tilelaser engraved bathroom tile

Example of a 18" x 8-1/2" Travertine dedication plaque
Installed on wing:
laser engraved travertine

laser cutting
Dan Waller Memorial

laser engraved gifts
laser cutting

Speciality Wood & Metal Plaques
Wood Or Metal longitude and latitude signs & planks
laser engraved, cnc routered or metal marked on a metal blank
longitude and latitude sign

Sunset Beach Civic Association Surf's Up Award
An example of a before and after when colorfill is applied

Before - this "stained" rosewood surfboard as laser engraved only
laser engraved surfboard
After - colorfill was hand applied & a final coat of wax to give it sheen
color filled laser engraved surfboard

surfboard award laser engraved
laser engraving

Walnut Memory Plaque
Highland Lakes Woodshop

Clear-coated walnut, laser engraved with gold foil accent
laser engraved walnut plaque

rc pilots
Specialty Plaques
We can engrave your item or you can special order our specialty plaques.
wood plaquelaser engraved plaques
Gold filled also available
laser engraved plaque
laser engraved plaque

Laserable specialty wood cross
Personalized with your message or memory

Special Cross
Rosewood Piano Finish
Genuine Red Alder

Face can be flush or recessed with an oval ceramic glossy white tile
Text can be colorfilled

Cross measures 8" x 13 5/8"
Oval tile measures 4" x 6"

laser engraved crosslaser engraved wood cross
Piano Finish has a felt back for added elegance
& is keyholed for hanging.

Allow 10 business days for your special order.

We are pleased to provide many different shapes, edges & sizes.
email me

Remember our Troops
laser engraved wood plaqueslaser engraved wood

laser engraved wood plaques and giftsengraved wood plaque with foil accents
Sarasota Youth Sailing Program
laser engraved woodSarasota Youth Sailing Program

laser engraved giftsCharming wood plaque with foil accents
from the Children at the Learning Center
Their sign-in sheet was used for the signatures!
                        laser engraved wood plaque
laser engraved giftsengraved frame with foil accents
CLMS gift for PTSA luncheon
Amazon Frame
engraved frame
CNC Routered wood plaques and gifts color-filled wood plaque in specialty shapes
wood plaque
laser cutting

laser engraved gifts Pens & Pen Boxes: Engraving for Pens & Penboxes

Laser engrave Wood or Acrylic Pens
Holiday Gifts, Graduation, Retirement, Father's Day or Mother's Day

laser engraved acrylic pen

laser engraved acrylic penlaser engraved acrylic pen

laser engraved wood penlaser engraved wood pens

engraved pen

Pen Turners:
Acrylic Barrels must be colorfilled
It is better to have engraved before you assemble to avoid the clip
laser engraved acrylic pens

engraved penbox

laser cutting Download PDF- Pen Tips, Pricing & Order forms (1.61 mb)

laser cutting laser engravingemail me if interested
laser cutting

laser engraved giftsSUN CATCHER:
School Reunion Memories
Personalized with School Mascot or clipart
Name & Year
Color filled or Frosty
laser cutting

laser engraved giftsFABRIC & LEATHER:
Fabric and Leather Laser Cutting & Etching

Hundreds of fabric butterflies perched
on dress form - North Caroline Boutique
laser cut fabriclaser cut fabric

laser cut fabric
laser fabric cutting
laser cut fabric
laser cut leatherlaser cut fabric

Laser cutting fabrics and leather is a clever technique that can be used to create lace-like effects out of more solid base cloths.

The effect of laser cutting fabric completely changes the drape of the fabric,
in the same way that a fabric with a wider looser weave is more fluid, so too is laser cut fabric affected in a similar way.
When working with laser cutting, you should always do tests on small pieces of your chosen base cloth before going ahead with the full design,
as different fabrics will leave different amounts of burned outlines around the edges of the cut holes.
The laser burns away a portion of material when it cuts through.

Some fabrics will be affected more than others, and like with any experimental technique
it is worth ensuring that you get the effect that you want before you invest a large amount of time and money into the wrong material.
Some fabrics will end up with better sealed edges than others as well,
while others may end up becoming more tattered and frayed - which can be useful depending on the effect that you want.

When creating a pattern for a leather design, users should be aware of the width of the cutting beam.
If a laser beam cuts a line that is 0.2 millimeters wide, for example,
and some lines on the pattern lie closer than 0.5 millimeters apart, the cutter may obliterate both lines simultaneously.
Cutting two lines at the same time saves time when positioning one pattern next to another.
The width of the cutting beam may also make a difference when designing patterns with intricate cut outs
as spaces cut closer than 1 millimeter apart may produce a flimsier latticed pattern than anticipated.

We will advise if your drawing has cutting tolerances that are too small,
but we can"t be held responsible if your components do not hold together sufficiently.
laser cut leather
laser cut leather
laser cut leather

Tribal Tats or designs to recycle or repurpose thrift store finds
laser etched denimlaser cut tshirt

Jazz-up an old Prom gown or Decorate a Wedding Dress
laser decorated prom dress

laser cutting Download PDF- Fabric Cutting Presentations & Pricing (623 kb)

laser cutting laser engravingemail me if interested

Etched Denim :
denim etching denim etching etched denim etched denim

laser cutting

laser engraved giftsPromotional Items
usb sticks to grapefruit knives
We can help you with orders large or small
Artwork or Logo Conversion available
Here is an example of 1250 Grapefruit Knives
engraved promotional items
engraved promotional item

laser cutting

laser engraved giftsNo job is too small!
We welcome local artisans & wood turners!
Here is an example of 10 letter opener handles made by Kevin of Largo
from his Aunts' fallen Pear Tree
This was beautiful wood & engraved a warm bronze color
engraving wood turning
Provide us with a blank or 2 for testing for the best results!

laser cutting

Need a promotional item?
No problem
laser engraved bamboo flip usb stick
laser engraved promotional items

laser engraved gifts For more ideas on engravable gifts,
check out

laser cutting

laser engraved giftsAlso, Kit cutting service for radio control and scale airplanes,
with state-of-the-art precision kit cutting technology.
kit cutting
Each kit is cut off of your individual DXF drawing.
Also, your drawing or plan can be scanned & converted to a dxf file
which the laser-cutting software & machine can identify.

We ensure that the quality is of the utmost precision of the laser cut part.
Finally, your plans will be returned to you intact.

Customer Service and Satisfaction are our Priority.

laser cutting

e-mail us for information on pricing of your individual needs

Want to Know More? click here for details

click here about us
Privacy Policy

All of the information that you need is in our brochure:
laser cuttingDownload brochure (148 kb)
laser cuttingDownload Example (106 kb)
laser cutting Download PDF- What materials can we cut or engrave (34 kb)
laser cutting Download PDF-We can engrave your logo & artwork information (72 kb)
laser cuttingDownload PDF-Is your pdf file a Raster or Vector type? (65 kb)
laser cuttingDownload PDF Engraving Artwork Requirements (76 kb)
Don't have Adobe Acrobat? Download it here

laser cutting

precision laser cutting

rc custom laser cuttingprecision laser cutting rc custom laser cutting
Getting a quote is easy
Just provide your drawing, preferred file is dxf or dwg
which is polylined & color coded
State the material required & be sure to scale your drawing
Also if you are using Metric or Imperial Measurments.
If you need your plans scanned,
Have a pdf , eps or Corel drawing - email us for more information

Not sure? Just send a request question and we will get back to you!

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